Chainsaw And What You Need To Know

The chainsaw is now more popular to home using on the grounds that more gardens and woodworking sites have been built. The chainsaw is helpful and it is one of the most necessary machines in your house if you are concerned about gardening, wood products making and taking care of trees.

In this article, we are about to give you more chainsaw reviews and tips to use it so that you can have a deeper apprehension for such a dangerous machine.

Chainsaw Dangerous Parts

In fact, almost all the parts of the chainsaw are dangerous to the users because they all can cause wounds while the users are controlling them. First and foremost, we need to figure out these parts and the potential risks.

  • Housing

The housing consists of all the running parts of a chainsaw. The housing is, in fact, a shell for main parts which help the machine run well. Inside the housing, there are igniting parts, motors and other parts to make the chainsaw.

With the housing, it seems to be safe but you can be faced with some dangers. In particular, if the lubricant tube is leaked and the fuel flows out, it will flow to the igniting part. That causes the pause of chainsaw running.

In addition, the housing is quite heavy so if the chainsaw falls down to your feet, you will have to suffer from swelling or numb wounds.

  • Saw Chain

The saw chain is consider to be to most dangerous on the grounds that it has sharp cogs. The chain runs due to the continue force. The bar of the saw chain is large and sharp, too.

If you are careless with your hands, you may let the saw chain touch your legs, which will make you lose your legs right away. Therefore, with this part, you need to pay much attention and try to control the machine properly.

  • Other Parts

There are a lot of other parts of a chainsaw. The chain brake is of extreme importance. It helps adjust the speed of sawing. If you realize that you are sawing too fast and you cannot control the machine then you have to use the chain brake to stop the machine.

In addition, you have to consider some parts like safety switch, starting pull handle, air filer cover, throttle control lever, fuel tank and so on.

Protection For Chainsaw

In terms of chainsaw protection, you have to equip a gear set for safety. A protective set will be recommended by the seller and you should ask them a full set.

Besides, it is advisable to follow the tips bellow.

  • Always run the chainsaw with your highest concentration
  • Only use the chainsaw when your health status is good
  • If you are tired or sick, please, do not run the machine as it’s dangerous
  • Do not use the chainsaw when you drink alcohol or beer
  • Always wear protective set before running the machine

About the way to work with the machine, you also need to remember:

  • Do not work alone; you should work with someone for emergent cases
  • Make sure that there are no children in and around your working site
  • Before running the chainsaw, please check all the functional parts of the machine
  • Only operate the machine after the machine is well assembled
  • Before turning on the machine, ensure that your standing space is safe
  • Do not apply running methods that ignite the machine directly
  • Hold the handler steadily during operating

In addition, you need to have a safe location for the chainsaw on the grounds that it is easy to cause fire and explosion in the environment near gas stove or somewhere that has gas source.

Note that if the saw meets tones or hard objects, please stop the machine and check the chain system. If the saw is deformed then you need to have maintenance for it before you continue.

Last but not least, if you get out of your working site, remember to switch off the machine and put it aside.

Bottom Line

These are the basic points that any chainsaw user should know and understand. We are sure that you will know to run the machine more safely with the tips mentioned above.