5 Most Important Criteria In Choosing A Camping Cot

Travelling to mountainous areas or having a camping trip often requires a camping cot which helps provide comfortable sleep for campers. It is quite difficult to figure out one of the best rated camping cots for the reason that this product does not gain much prevalence in the market.

Therefore, today, we are about to help you choose a right cot for your camping with 5 most important criteria that need to be considered carefully.

  1. When Do You Go Camping?

The time you go camping has a strong influence on the camping cot you have to buy. More specific, if you have a summer camp, the camping cot should have airy mattress and should be large for you to roll. By contrast, if you decide to go camping in the winter, the cot should have thick and warm mattress to keep you healthy.

In addition, you had better take notice of some other factors such as moisture, insects, water and the environment around the camping site. These factors all have impacts on how to choose a cot for camping.

  1. One Person Or Two People Cot?

As usual, the cot is made with the size for one camper. However, the demand for camping cot is rising. If each person in the camp team brings one cot, it will be very bulky. Furthermore, using separate cots cannot help campers tighten their friendship and share things with each other.

Therefore, nowadays, there are camping cots with enough space for two people. There are two types of 2 – person camping cot: 2 – floor cot and large mattress for 2 people.

  • 2 – Floor Cot

A 2 – floor cot helps save space but it is quite inconvenient on the grounds that the person lying in the lower floor has limited sight. They cannot see the sunlight or see the beautiful scene.

  • Large Mattress

A large mattress allows 2 people to lie on but it will cause a lot of difficulties in carrying it out and moving around.  With a large mattress, you can talk to your friend, faced to faced, which helps you erase the distance and strengthen the friendship.

  1. Types Of Mattress

The third criteria you need to care about is the type of mattress. The cot mattress is made from different materials such as foam, canvas, cloth or air pad. Each type of material brings its own pros and cons.

  • Foam mattress: airy, light, soft but thick
  • Canvas mattress: light, thin, waterproof but less elastic
  • Cloth mattress: light, thin, elastic but absorbing
  • Air pad: light, soft, comfortable but not elastic and easy to spoke into

It counts on your requirements that help you pick one camping cot with a suitable mattress.

  1. The Cot Legs

The legs of the cot cannot be ignored as they keep the cot and you in stable condition all the time. The cot legs are stainless steel bars which are light but quite thick. The metal plate to make the legs should be thick in order to suffer from heavy weight of your bodies.

In terms of checking the legs, it is important for you to pay heed to every joint that makes the legs folded. However, stainless steel is easy to have scratches by the ground so you can try wrapping the cot legs with nylon or porous pads.

  1. Brands And Prices

There are a number of brands of camping cot for you to select such as Teton Sports Outfitter, Coleman, Kamp – Rite and Magshion. About the price of a camping cot, it fluctuates from 60$ – 500$ and its quality is bettered by its price.

When buying a camping cot, it is advisable to equip it with some accessories such as a set of joint screws and lubricant to provide when the joints are dry and difficult to fold the legs of the cot.

Bottom Line

These are 5 points you ought to pay heed to when it comes to buying a camping cot. It seems to take much time to consider and reconsider but in fact, you just have to spare some minutes to check the 5 points. We hope that you will choose one best cot for camping this holiday.