How To Vacuum Cleaning Your Car Rightly

Every day, we use 8 hours in the office, 5-8 hours for sleep and not little time for riding on your car which is about 2 hours or more. If you have a habit of leaning your house every day, so the car need usually clean buy the car vacuum cleaner such as the portable vacuum cleaner for car or the handle vacuum cleaner….that helps you to have a chair and sofa cleaning in your car.

Sometimes we have the same action on the car and at home that leaves a lot of dusty and cigarette ash. If you often ride through the dirty area that has full dusty, your car is fast to be necessary for cleaning when you open car doors and go out or go in your car.

Maybe you have a portable vacuum cleaner, however do you know how to vacuum cleaning your car, if you aren’t sure that, so you could read our article.  We want to share this information to many people for everyone to have a cleaning car that brings a life environment to you and your family members.

  1. Cleaning The Seat Or Sofa In Your Car

It could be said that this is an area where is easy to keep dusty and we often act on the car most. The seat and foot mats are often dirty. So the first, you need to clean this area. We could perform according to the following steps.

  • Step 1: Checking Inside Of Your Car And Type Of The Car Chair Or Sofa

This is an important step for you to determine how to do for solving this dirty. If it is very messy in your car or with the material of the chair you can use what accessories for cleaning. If your chair is covered by the net clothing you need the brushes to vacuum, if it is flat surface and is covered by the leather, you just need the basic tube.

Or you can check inside of the car is wet you must have dry vacuum cleaner with a strong power to dry your car and chair. In the summer, it sometime rains heavily that is able to cause the bit flooded and make your car wet. If you don’t solve immediately your car is musty and cause person sitting inside get an allergy. It is so bad!

  • Step 2: Cleaning Your Car

When you determine the objects to clean the car, you will begin from the basic action. You should solve the dusty that you are easy to see, then you use accessories such as the rotating brushes or small, long tube for the edges and corners.

You should get a machine to run continuously for the machine system to keep dusty and purify air better. With the portable vacuum cleaner you don’t worry about being out of the battery or the long cord to move a vacuum inside of the car.

Performing the car lean until you feel pleasing with your space in the car, if your car get a bit of water you can use a vacuum for vacuuming but pleas careful when pulling the plug not to wet inside your car again.

  1. Cleaning The Footwell And Mats In Your Car

When you go out and come in your car, your shoes bring the dusty into your car and leave on the mats and footwells. They are the dirtiest area in your car, which has much the obstinate dirt and obstinate debris and the portable vacuum with the big top of a tube for vacuuming easily. You should use the brush for agitating dirt and easily vacuuming into the cleaner.

  1. Cleaning The Controlling Area And Other Area

With the controlling area, we contact many times with this area. It has many car parts to control such as the steering wheel, radio, the dashboard brake pedal…there are many corner so you need to use the brush and tube for vacuuming cleanly.

The other car area such as the trunk and cell of the car need cleaning. You should pay attention to the under the chair where many people ignore when cleaning and has much dirt.

The car cleaning needs a carefulness and meticulousness for well vacuuming. The cleaning car brings you the airy car inside space for your health.