Things About The Splitting Axe For Wood

The ax is a tool that has been used for thousands of years for the purpose of splitting wood or fighting in the battles. There are not too many types of axes as its structure is super simple. Therefore, we can find the Best axe for splitting wood easily in the market.

My family has worked in the field of wood outsourcing so we also have two axes. In this article, as an experienced person, I will provide you more information about the axe.

Structure Of The Axe

As said above, the axe has a very simple design. With just a wood bar processed and an ax, people can make it a perfect tool for splitting wood. However, nowadays, there have been some positive changes in the design of the axe so that it will become firmer and sharper. In this part, I will tell you more about this modern design.

  • Sizes Of The Axe

There are short and long axes of various size. Small axes have the length of 17 – 23 inches. Medium axes are about 28 inches and long axes are about 36 inches. With each size of axe, we can use it for different purposes.

More specific, medium and long axes are ideal for us to split the logs of large size on the grounds that it gives strong power and helps to increase the splitting efficiency.

  • Materials

There are two parts of an axe, including the blade and the grip. The blade is made of metal, often steel and the grip is made of wood. The blade is very heavy while the grip has lighter weight.

  • Anti – Shock Safe Grip

Nowadays, the axe is often equipped with the anti – shock safe grip in order that users can prevent strong counter force. It is true that when we raise the axe blade, we have to suffer from its heavy weight and when we split the wood, we also have to put pressure on the wood material.

This creates much force on our hands, especially where we hold the ax. Therefore, this safe grip helps us to avoid pain in our hands.

  • Injection Molded For Heavy Use

The long grip of the ax has the injection molded for heavy use. If we want to split a large – sized log, we have to spend more force and pressure on the axe. The injection molded will help us to reduce such force as it is flat.

  • Double Hardened Blade

The axe usually has a double hardened blade. You know that the axe blade must be sharp but it will less effective if it has only single hardened blade. In other words, the axe blade is thin.

Therefore, a lot of manufacturers have produced double blades for the axes. With this blade, the axe is able to split large – sized logs more effectively.

  • Performance Coated Anticorrosion

The blade of the axe is covered with a performance coated for anticorrosion. As described above, the axe blade is made of metal so the corrosion is inevitable. Thus, there should have a coating layer to prevent the blade from being corroded.

  • Perfect Cutting Angle

The axe blade has a perfect design with the perfect cutting angle. If the blade has no angle, the area absorbing outside impact will be larger, which obliges the users to spend more force. With the cutting angle, we can limit the area absorbing impact from outside.

These are some features of a modern axe. This design will help us to split the wood logs more effectively.

Using Purpose

It is obvious that the axe is used for splitting wood. More specific, it has a good ability to cut and split the logs into two parts. Nowadays, people use it as a tool useful in cutting logs for different purposes.

For example, some families use this tool to separate the logs and use the split parts to make a bride for the garden or to make a fence. Some other people utilize the axe to split the logs for cooking.

How The Axe Works

The axe cannot work automatically. Users’ force plays an extremely important role. The axe blade is a kind of inclined plane, helping to intrude deeply into the logs so it can split the logs.

The raising force of users will create strength for the axe when its blades go down. That is how the tool works.

Bottom Line

It is true that the axe helps to split wood effectively but these days, not many families use it. It is much suitable for those who are woodworkers. In addition to this, using wood for cooking is now not a traditional custom and there are also a lot of modern stoves so the axe is only famous in wood processing aspect. I hope that the information above will be useful for you.