Instructions On How To Choose A Sleeping Bag When Camping

While these types of bags for travel usually focus on minimum weight, the sleeping bag for camping emphasizes on the comfort. So what is the best sleeping bag for you? The following article will address the features through sleeping bag reviews at that you should consider carefully.

Temperature Indicators Of Sleeping Bags

Temperature index of sleeping bags shows the lowest temperature to keep people warm. A sleeping bag 20 ° F (-7 ° about) is that most of the individuals still feel comfortable if the air temperature does not drop under 20 ° F. These indicators are considered as users wear clothes.

Metabolism in the body is extremely different and the temperature index of sleeping bags varies between manufacturers with other manufacturers. It is used for reference only, not a guarantee.Sleeping bags are usually classified as follows:

Choose a sleeping bag with a lower temperature index compared to the lowest temperature you expect to encounter. If you expect the temperature near freezing, choose sleeping bag 20 ° F (-7 ° C) instead of a sleeping bag 35 ° F (2 ° C). If the temperature is higher than you expect, you can easily open mouth bag to increase air circulation.

Sleeping Bag Shape

Sleeping bag helps you warm and keep a dead air layer (air circulation) next to you. Your body will warm this air layer, forming a barrier between you and the cold air outside. Sleeping bags for camping sleeping are commonly larger than that for a picnic, but it will offset less efficient in heating the layer of dead air.

  • Rectangular Sleeping Bag

Most sleeping bag camping has a rectangular design to maximize the comfort and spacious vow. If you select two sleeping bags with zipper, you can easily combine them to create a double bed. You can combine two sleeping bags as long as there includes a zipper pocket on the right and a zipper pocket on the left. Key scissors should have the same size, the same type and approximately the same length. You can lay it out on 2 pocket-sized cushions for maximum comfort.

  • A Partial Rectangular (Or Barrel)

This type of sleeping bag can be used for camping or picnic. Slim designed format will increase more warmth and efficiency than rectangular sleeping bag but still comfortably wide for a night’s sleep. This sleeping bag is popularly used by people with great bodies, who have trouble in sleeping, or do not like too snugly sleeping bag.

  • Double Sleeping Bags

Comfortably designed for 2 people, sleeping bag is normally twice the width, which can be combined with a little padding or foam mattresses for a cozy night. The most double sleeping bag can be disassembled into two separate sleeping bags.

Heat Holding Materials Types For Manufacture Sleeping Bag

  • Thermostats Synthetic Material

Most campers choose a sleeping bag with thermal synthetic material because it is reliable and affordable. Usually made of polyester, synthetic materials have several advantages: fast drying, thermal insulation even being wet. Sleeping bags with synthetic is cheaper than sleeping bag with a feather, also, it’s durable and hypoallergenic.

However, the synthetic material can’t be as encapsulated as feathers, so it will be less flexible if you intend to use sleeping bags for hiking.

  • Thermo Feather Material (Quill)

Commonly used in a number of sleeping bags for camping, this material provides higher reliability and compact presses, which is capable of replacing synthetic materials, however, it has a slightly higher price.

  • Thermo water proof material

The downside of that it will be reduced ability to keep warm when being wet. To solve this problem, a number of sleeping bags have been processed feathers to protect hair from moisture.

  • Sleeping bags for women and children

Sleeping bag for women: This type of sleeping bag is designed especially to fit female body shape. When compared to the standards of sleeping bags, sleeping bags for women are generally shorter, narrower at the shoulders, hips wider, which can improve the retention of heat in the upper body, as well as the feet.

Sleeping bags for children: When children sleep, you’ll sleep well. Some models have the child care parts, sleeping bags and mattresses are tied together. Bag pillow lets to put a jacket or a pillow inside, creating a warm location for children.